Thursday, October 18, 2007


I find it interesting that professions that deal with the dead (i.e. coroner, mortician, embalmer) make more money than a lot of professions that deal with the living (i.e. EMT, paramedic, nurse aide, patient care tech)
I especially find this interesting given that the dead don't talk back! (Spirits do, but not dead bodies.) Maybe its because of the creepiness factor that most people feel dealing with corpses. In my line of work I sometimes feel like I deal with walking corpses. There are a lot of people that I find myself amazed that they're still walking around. One of my co-workers says that perhaps they're too stubborn to die. Another says that maybe they're already dead, they just don't know it.
I find myself very discouraged over my chronic lack of money and over the fact that it seems that after only 3 requests for books to be reviewed, nobody else has expressed any interest. I will acknowledge that the book may not be a GREAT BOOK!!!! (I would have put that in some sort of ornate writing, but Blogger doesn't provide an ORNATE FONT!!! So you'll just have to use your imagination.) It is, however, a reasonably WELL WRITTEN BOOK!!!! It's at least a HALFWAY DECENT BOOK!!!! If I do say so my own damn self. I and the co-author (his slightly less snarky personality) speculated on the reasons why this might be. I speculated that most of the population is dumbed down enough that they don't want to bother with anything that they actually have to read or that might make them think. (I think the more snarky personality would fully agree with this.) He speculated that perhaps there were still enough people who were scared of looking into the unknown, anything containing topics such as spirit contact, that they might be leery of the subject matter of this book.
My co-author's snarkier personality thinks we should send copies of the book to all the big McMega-Churches and try to enlighten their McChristian asses. I would think this was a great idea except for the fact that it would cost me a lot of money that I don't have and I'm too old to deal with the fallout. Still, it's nice to know that death can't keep a good curmudgeon down. I think he may have been talking to Ambrose Bierce again.
Sometimes the voices from my good Catholic past kick in and tell me that if I keep conversing with this blasphemous spook, I'm going to get struck by lightning. But then age and rage remind me that I really don't give a shit.
The things I hope to get out of publishing this book (and all the forthcoming ones because unless somebody kills me off, they show no signs of stopping) is to finally do something besides punch someone else's time clock and to express my true self, vile though it may be. And to give voice to someone who would otherwise not have one, and who actually has a number of interesting things to say--if anyone can be bothered to listen. Can't guarantee him that. People still suck, Sweetheart, and they're getting dumber by the day, and that's the truth!
Some things that I really hope happen in the not too distant future, or at least while I can still move around without a walker or a pacemaker, are being not on the verge of financial collapse and not ever, ever, ever again having to ask my family for money or avoid answering the phone because it's a fucking bill collector. I could make the world's biggest bonfire with all the threats and overdue payment notices. Working 40 hours a week, living in a god damn trailer, driving a beat up heap, not able to afford to ever go to a concert or even to the choke n puke, let alone a halfway decent place for dinner--it sucks!
In other words, I'd like to be able to live a little before I kick the bucket.
(With my luck I'll be one of those unfortunate souls that dies while sitting on the crapper. Wouldn't that just be the last laugh?)
I wouldn't think this would be too much to ask. But maybe I really am as dumb as I look!
Comment if you're a curmudgeon!
(Kind of like honk if you're horny. Only in this case, don't honk if you're horny because I really couldn't give a shit. If you're horny go to this blog.)
Snarkiness and Blessings Anyway,


Raine said...

ok I dont know the laws where you live or how you would feel about this but I have to throw it out there. Instead of trying to make extra money online and doing these sales things why dont you just put up a sign and do readings at home? A small ad in a cheap circular wouldnt cost much and you could take appts. Around here there are people who make a living doing readings and they arent all honest. If it is legal where you live you could probably supplement your income quite well and do a much better more honest job of it than is currently available. Just think 2-3 readings at $35-40 on your days off? or one here and there during the week? could help alot. You could do a "mini reading" or a more involved reading
Just remember- dont give em away!!!

Lily Strange said...

Hurray, a curmudgeon!
Only kidding--unless you really consider yourself one.
The covenants where I live wouldn't allow me to do such a thing. And then there's my lovely paranoia about letting people I don't really know into my house. And the fact that their reading would mostly consist of "bark bark bark bark" because my dogs don't shut up for an hour when someone comes in the door! But I might become more aggressive about advertising them online. It drains me to do them so I couldn't do more than a few a week but it's a good idea--if I can get a sniff! I'm beginning to think I don't smell too good!

Raine said...

awwww thats to bad- you could do em here:(