Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Satan's School for Girls

While not as downright dreadful as I anticipated, this 1973 made-for-TV movie definitly rates a Double Cheesy Deluxe. When doe-eyed Nancy Drew-esque Elizabeth's sister Martha hangs herself in Elizabeth's apartment, Elizabeth is convinced that Martha's death was not actually suicide but murder and decides to investigate the school that Elizabeth was attending.

During art class, Elizabeth views a painting of her dead sister which was created by a nervous girl named Debbie. The obviously horrified expression on Martha's face lends extra cheesiness to the overall effect of the movie, as does Debbie's exaggerated jittery behavior.

Crazy Professor Delacroix the science teacher's behavior leads you to believe that he may be behind the deaths. He picks on Debbie and blathers on about mind control. But he ends up being a red herring when he meets his demise at the hands of several of the students, who then pack his body into Elizabeth's car.

In the end, it's rather obvious who Satan actually is. It's always the ones that are too good to be true.

This flick is chock-full of lightning bursts, people (mostly Elizabeth) acting appropriately stupid as they explore potentally hazardous places alone, and predictable dialog. Other than the having to sell your soul to Satan part, I think I might have enjoyed going to that school. The students and faculty both seem to always be finding excuses to tip back one or more drinks. Party on!

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