Monday, October 15, 2007

Psychic Markers

A site of a haunting does not usually contain the actual spirit that may be seen there by those with the ability. It is an impression left behind by an emotionally charged incident. However, it is a place that the person who left the impression at can be drawn back to.
We all leave traces of ourselves as we walk through the world. Some of these traces are more powerful than others. It also explains why, unless I were to be in a situation that caused me to give off a great amount of psychic energy, I will never be able to see my co-author with my eyes unless I go someplace where he left a psychic imprint in life. If I were in extreme danger, for instance, he might be able to latch onto the energy that surrounded me and make an appearance. He can go anywhere in the universe that he wants to, but the energy output that it would take for him to make himself visible in a place that he's never been causes problems with physical electrical equipment--literally. This incident is described on my website so I won't recount it here. You can check it out if you like.
While these psychic markers can be good places to contact a given spirit, they can also become doorways for less benevolent entities to make an entry into the world. In the place that I work, there are multiple "psychic doorways" because many people have died in this building. I've seen ghosts here, but in all honesty, I think what I'm seeing is an esoteric tape loop rather than the person themselves. I will sometimes sense presences of people that have passed. They pass through and go their way. These are Earthbound spirits attempting to resolve something. They don't bother me.
Some of these doorways, however, seem to have become places favored by less savory presences. I made the mistake of pulling a chair into the med room one night to take a nap, in spite of the fact that I've always had bad feelings about that place and one of my ghost friends warned me not to. I was attacked by something and this same spectral friend rescued me, then referred to me as a stubborn ass for not listening to him.
We also wanted to impart some information about discerning between earthbound human spirits and non-human entities that utilize psychic doorways. Earthbound spirits will be the same kind of person in death that they were in life. Some are friendly, some aren't. But while a human spirit can cause a "chill up the spine" or give an incarnate person a chilly touch, their touch is never ice-cold.
Any area of unexplained cold, or a touch that is literally ice-cold, indicates a demonic presence. This is likely not a major demon, but minor demons can inflict plenty of misery on humans and aren't to be trifled with. The unpleasant entities that come through areas such as the doorway into the med room at work are probably not demons but are instead malevolent sorts of nature spirits that live on the lower astral and may or may not ally themselves with demons. They thrive on fear and enjoy causing incarnate humans to give off fear. They are easy enough to put off by creating a pleasant atmosphere with items such as candles and insence.
Conversely, candles and insence are only tools and can be used to enhance either positive or negative atmospheres, but if the intent is positive, the demonic presences will be put off.
Sometimes encounters with negative entities can be stopped by positive spell work. In other cases it's simply best to avoid the areas that they've made their gateways. It depends on the degree of energy they've already expended on making these areas their own.
Blessed be,
Lily and Friends


Tom & Icy said...

That sort of conjures up an image in my mind of the world being a big ball of Swiss Cheese with holes that spirits can come and go.

Lily Strange said...

You know, I really like that analogy! Swiss cheese is my favorite kind. But I would hate to have Arsewipe pop up through one of the holes as I was about to take a bite!