Monday, October 8, 2007

And then this Pearl of Wisdom Graced My Blog: Part 2

I know you were all waiting for me to get around to providing the next message of salvation from the great all knowing prophet. So here you go! Once again, the words in italics are mine.

"People want "magic"." Magic is the sign of evil, for the gods are employing their powers to hurt the disfavored. "Magic" is the only difference between this way and the Situation going corporate, and this "magic" woudl have enhanced their tactics.
When they employ magic the gods get something out of it. That's how it works. The total absence of magic says something very, very positive about me and the Final Prophet event.
Yes--it says you're jealous because you can't do magic. Or that the gods don't like you.

It was magic that led people into homosexuality, promiscuity, addiction, degeneracy.
Which doesn't explain the existence of spells to help overcome addiction. But that's ok.
Howcome I've been doing magic for almost 25 years and it didn't turn me homosexual? Or promiscuous. Must just be slow. Maybe I'll wake up in another 25 years and be a promiscuous lesbian.
IF YOU FEEL MAGIC REPEL FROM IT, as hard as that may be. It's their way of making things increasingly more difficult.

They say I will be discounted because these geographic clues (penis, boot, Beast) symbolize evil.
I've seen the boot, but where is this Penis? I want to go there!

There is a geographic clue I have yet to address::The Man in the Moon.
I have a moon to show you.
The message behind the clue is that you have to depart Planet Earth before the gods become kind.
Because kindness is obviously a bad thing. Huh???
I suspect they will continue to use it to sell people on "absentee Christian god", for this clue would be instrumental in that capacity.
Lake Michigan clue symbolizes "big balls", and this clue is metaphoric for EXPOSING EVIL THAT IS GOD.
Or that Bon Scott is God! Let's take a break and hear the word of God!

Of the geographic clues I know of the Great Lakes clues are the only ones that are good (umbrella which favors Michigan. Sadly, much like with M&A, good may have been eliminated as the 20th century wore on.).
Either that or the truth is that umbrellas are evil!

If they want recovering relations with Lake Michigan they will turn over ALL placements in my Situaiton, real or telepathic, fulfilled or unrealized.
I AM Horrible.
Well, your writing is at least.
This warning WILL be realized for those foolish enough to not heed.
I got a lot of anger to work out.
Please--get thee to a counselor!
Repulsion will guarentee Brokeback Mountain:::WIN-WIN.
Does this mean that you're in the closet?

My errant acts cause evil to befall the disfavored.
So you're the reason I have money problems? Now I know whose ass to kick!
This is recurring behavior for decades, a tactic used to enhance boss, minimizing the populations receptive to the Final Prophet.
Doesn't zero minus anything equal less than zero?

They sent someone special back.
They've said for years::::"Either way you're going to do the wrong thing." And it is because this is all true:::Either I contribute KNOWINGLY and be used by the gods to put forth this perception of "savior" to the disfavored or I bail out and take three hots and a cot.
Sweet Mother of God...are you saying that you believe you are Jesus?
I'm just getting done what I can before I go in. But it represent the transistion of this event from "virtual" to vocal, for if my fellow inmates chose to hear I will be willing to tell them.
Or are you saying that you are already in a mental institution. Because if this is the case, I wouldn't recommend leaving anytime soon!

I told you:::Be god-fearing. Just like all their tools they want me to sign on and be used for evil just as they've done with presidents, celebrities, athletes and the corporate elite.
They forced this role on me, and it goes as far back as the 70s with my #1 hit song.

39 years defines the "long run".
Soooo--now you're telling us you were a member of the Eagles?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, fuck you god.
Moral inferior. Don't you have children to light on fire?
Even without my year of psychology studies, I'd have to say that this person really has some serious mental issues and I'm kinda sorry for making fun of them. (obviously not sorry enough to stop. But they did Spam my blog with their rather disturbing diatribe, after all.)
I've often wondered what the hell kind of God lets some of the horrible things that happen in this world happen. I've got a lot of interesting theories. But I'm not going to go around spamming other people with them! You'll read them here, if I decide I want to share them.
Please...get counseling. And if you're already getting it, stick with it. I'm serious about that part. You need it. I'm not saying this as someone who thinks they're above and beyond such things--I'm saying it as someone who knows how it is to need it!
That segment wasn't nearly as much fun as the last one. Let's end it with the Eagles.
A drummer/lead singer is a rare thing. I wonder what sort of sign of evil this is?



TLP said...

This is truly laugh-out-loud funny! Thanks!

Raine said...

ummmmm okay Im with Cie, I would like to suggest that you get with a therapist and talk about some of this stuff. If you are uncomfortable with a therapist alot of churches have ministers that do counseling. Perhaps you should talk to one about this stuff.