Monday, October 1, 2007

Reading for Donna

Donna says:
"I would love to have you do a reading for me. Please post it on your blog as an example to others if you decide to do the reading.
I am finishing up grad school soon and will be, hopefully, working after that. It would be very interesting to me to see what the cards have to say about my past, present, and future!
Thank you :)"
The reading was a tad delayed because my computer crashed, and besides I think I may be getting a little slow in my old age. But at last it is here!
The Queen of pentacles in the first position represents one who is interested in the well being of her family, herself and society in general. She is concerned with assisting others. She maintains a position of outward emotional stability even if inwardly her emotions may be chaotic and all is in chaos around her. I feel that you are a person who wishes to help others and who others tend to view as being a stabilizing force. Even when you don't really feel you are holding things together you give the impression that you are, and this makes others feel secure being in your presence.
Crossing you is Strength. More than physical strength, this is emotional or mental strength, which supports the first card. You have the ability to finish what you start and to perservere when the going gets tough. This is an inner reserve that you can call upon when you become weary from working so hard towards your goals. It is the extra burst of energy that can get you over the finish line, so to speak. Whether or not you have realized this exists in you previously, it is there. Yours is at the heart of things a very stable and strong soul, able to endure much.
In the goals and destiny position is the Magician. More than an actual practitioner of magick, the Magician is a person who makes things happen. Act on your tendency to be driven towards goals but also listen to your hunches. Write down any odd fleeting thoughts that may come to you and then look at them in a day or two. These often lead to creative ways of acheiving your goals. You are intelligent and resourceful and will always be able to come up with a solution by relying on your intuition.
The four of swords shows that in the past something tragic occurred that had quite an impact on your life. While not a card of complete destruction such as the Tower or the 10 of Swords, the nine of swords is a card of extreme emotional distress. I perceive a strong fear of abandonment that was caused at this time. At the foundation of many of your choices is a desire never to feel this helpless again.
The eight of pentacles represents apprenticeship for a craft, which would be your studies. You are building a good foundation for the future.
The Justice card is in the near future position. If there are any matters in your life where a decision by another is pending, the decision will be in your favor. This also signifies your tendency to try and keep balance in your life and to treat others fairly. This is a positive trait that will draw positive outcomes for you.
The seven of swords indicates a feeling of self doubt and fear of betrayal. In spite of many things going in a positive direction, there is a fear that all will fall apart. There is some subconscious difficulty in trusting others and a feeling that if things are going too well there must be something bad waiting around the corner. This is a personal feeling and not an indication of actual impending crisis. It is followed by the Knight of Rods, which also indicates some impatience to finish what you are currently working on and to move foreward. While seeking better things for yourself is positive, there is a caution not to behave impulsively or to try and escape a situation which is causing temporary discomfort. It is important to analyze what may be fear based feelings driving you to take impulsive actions. The other cards indicate that these feelings stem from the past trauma and when looked at objectively will be revealed for what they are.
The empress indicates a tendency to nurture others, which is positive. There is a need to nurture yourself as well. Working towards a goal is always commendable but one often neglects spiritual and emotional needs while doing so. Take care of your heart as well as your developing ambitions.
The card in the outcome position is known variously as Judgment, Atonement or Karma. With your tendency to behave in a balanced fashion, you are drawing positive things to you. There is some impatience but this is tempered by your good sense. You will most certainly succeed in your studies and be prepared to advance into a career. The reading as a whole indicates a need for balance. Although certainly you'll want to start work in your chosen career, if possible you should take a brief vacation before diving right into seeking the best position. Should the right position find you before this is possible, take a long weekend to relax and treat yourself well. You are a strong, positive person who harbors a few self doubts but has the ability to overcome them. Sometimes you work yourself too hard. Again, rely on your intuition and continue your balanced attitude. You are on the right path!
If I can be of further assistance, let me know.


Donna said...

Lily, that was just awesome to read. Thanks so much :)

Lily Strange said...

You're welcome--hope it helped!