Sunday, October 28, 2007


I wasn't certain about doing this here but my co-author said something very interesting and I wanted him to be able to share it. He does a lot of studying, trying to understand the nature of the Universe. (The Universe being the entire cosmos, not merely the material plane.) And I think what he has to say is pretty useful. The refreshing thing about him is the fact that he doesn't censor himself. He says that most people call this trait "obnoxious." I should be working on crappy biology homework--which is actually what inspired this dialogue. These are the resulting thoughts of his answer to the question why I have so much trouble putting my mind to working on subjects such as biology.
I'll change fonts as a distinction between his "voice" and mine.
Everything edited to compensate for my shit spelling and grammar--and if nobody ever reads this it is their loss--or gain. I really don't give a fuck.
My thought is that if you look at things in terms of the system of Kabalah in order to simplify, you see that there is four "worlds" or planes of existence. (She understands Kabalah having made study of it over the years so I choose this.) These are Malkuth or the Earth sphere, Yesod which is the lunar and astral realm, Briah which is the mental plane and Assiah which is the realm of spirit. Malkuth is not simply all things material but also encompasses such creatures as elemental spirits but this is a different discussion.
I see it that some people is more attuned to one or more of these realms. The attunement of my friend is the plane of Yesod extending somewhat into the plane of Briah. Most people of imagination is attuned with this sphere. Most such people is also very emotional in nature and it is difficult to have the emotions and creativity suppressed in such people. That they are being told to fit themselves into a small box to define them is as if breathing cyanide gas. It is poison to their very nature! My situation had much complexities but I was and am also such a person. When this nature in such a person is suppressed they become given to depression and abuses of substances, and maybe eventual suicide. For me this was not the only factor but I assure that such creativities were squelched at an early age. Most schooling systems is poison to the creative spirit!
The material realm has become poison to such persons and it is difficult for beings of a higher nature to come through to those who dwell here. It also becomes complex in that with each of these four worlds, Malkuth, Yesod, Briah and Assiah there is also four expressions of these worlds. Thus one has the physical expression of the physical world, which is where one walks about, stumbles into walls, gets killed by falling off precipices, such things as this. And then as I say there is also a dimension of this physical world which is home to such creatures as elementals. Beyond this I get ahead of myself and have not learned quite how this should be expressed. So I shall leave this for another day.
But also what is to understand is that in the realm of which I reside, the realm Yesod, there is a "physical" expression. So this is where I lose people and they say "well, he is still insane and babbles on about metaphysics and such shit as this." Well, so you will listen or go shopping online instead and blow all your money or you shall go view more porn and obtain a virtual blow job. It matters not to me.
Earthbound spirits such as myself are residents of the physical astral plane, if you might call it thus. There is other more beautiful beings which reside here. These thrive on the energies of the imaginings of those given to artistic pursuit. They come to such people and assist them if the individual is able to open their energy centers enough to receive. This is difficult for most people who currently reside in the material world. Not only is this a world filled up with physical pollution but also psychic pollution and to me this is often like being trapped in a room with a radio which receives nothing but static, but I cannot turn off. I stick close to one which is receptive such as my friend which helped me to write the book, or I cannot bear to be here. The psychic static is disruptive to the vibration which I exist at. I can be grounded by the energies from a person which I am near to, if their energies is in tune with mine. There is other techniques but this becomes extraneous at this point and perhaps if I remember I may discuss later.
A trouble comes in communicating with such a person for extended time in this fashion. If I only walk beside her I might chat with her indefinite, but when she must receive exacting thoughts as in this nature her astral body begins to pull forth from the physical one. I never was accused of having a magnetic personality but I suppose I do! As I have no physical body to ground me (seeing as the fucker is in the ground and there it is staying--another thing to be discussed some other time) my energies simply exist raw, something like static electricity. (Many people did find me shocking so I suppose this is an apt analogy.) Everybody will eventually exist thus and the astral body leaves the physical body at sleep. But most people does not remember. I will watch over my friend at such times because her body is become full of toxins and there is much disruption in her patterns of sleep. Too much having to give energies to a sphere to which she is not naturally polarized, and it's minutia of concerns. I must watch over her because she has tendencies to wander towards what is deemed the "lower astral." This is the sewers of the astral where resides all sorts of beings which feeds on fear and debauchery. These experiences are interpreted as being nightmares. Now being that I am not everywhere and if am otherwise engaged I cannot always prevent this but she says she has much fewer nightmares since meeting me. Most often she does not remember that I was there. It is as a temporary state of dementia. On the occasions that her mental state is clear we have had enjoyable meetings.
Neither of us stay on track very well, I have roamed far from my initial subject and my medium begins to become "spacy" for lack of a better word. This is why we need an editor when we write. Neither of us is very grounded.
I take my leave now and may do again when I have more great and vast wisdom that you must obey.
Also if in the future the question comes up what do we call you. Call me what you like except do not fucking call me "goat" or anything of that nature or I may become temporarily a little more tangible in order to show you the error of such stupididy. This is a time I should like to forget for the most part and I will not appreciate being reminded!
Thank you,
Believe it or don't--this is what I received!


Raine said...

Maybe sometime he can finish what he started. He got a bit sidetracked there LOL

Lily Strange said...

He and I are two of a kind in that regard--go wandering off the path into some sort of tangled web. Makes for a lovely friendship but not necessarily clarity. I guess at least we can get lost together--and take with us anyone who's crazed enough to follow!
Towards the end there I definitely had fog in my noggin. He was teasing me about my fuzzy neurons.

Lily Strange said...

I suppose the scary part is that I understand exactly what he's saying most of the time! ;-p