Thursday, November 29, 2007

Couldn't Agree More

Thanks to Ambrose Bierce and Doug for these gems. I stole the post directly from Doug. I hope he doesn't mind.


A transient, horrible, fantastic dream,
Wherein is nothing yet all things do seem:
From which we're wakened by a friendly nudge
Of our bedfellow Death, and cry: "O fudge!"

2007 Update: Rusted eternity.

"To be or not to be?" asked he,
Answered the Danish ghosts' lobby:
"Living is without holiday,
To the dead being is more of a hobby."


Tom & Icy said...

Does Doug really exist? I thought he was like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny!

Raine said...

not quite sure what to say to that

the undead asshole said...

It goes a bit like this. Much of the times you have a choice if to be alive or no. But you do not have a choice if to exist. Each and every day cycle I exist if I wish to or not. Its a pretty nasty joke after all if what you are hoping is not to have to be trapped with your worst thoughts any more.
And yes I really am a dead guy and I really did ask my friend to write this for me so do not go chewing her head off for listing me as the Undead Asshole. If the shoe fits, so they say.

Lily Strange said...

He really isn't as much of an asshole as he says. Unless, like me, he's given reason to be. He's just in a bad mood right now.