Monday, December 10, 2007

Technorati Ranking

According to Technorati, this is the most popular of my blogs, with a ranking of a blazing 1,644,723. Booyah! Eat your heart out!
Honestly, I'm not sure why this blog ranks best. I don't update it all that often. I would think the Lost Beneath the Surface blog would have the best rating but it ranks a puny 2,124,856. And Creative Crabbing is crawling along at the back of the pack like a quadruple amputee turtle with its ranking of 8,911,336.
I really don't understand Technorati, but supposedly being listed on it will improve my popularity, get me a date with Keanu Reeves, and make everybody love me. So I'm listing my blogs on it and waiting for the wave of success, prosperity and making everybody in the world totally jealous and wishing they were me!
(For those that don't recognize sarcasm, that was a joke. It happens so often that people take me seriously when I'm joking that I need to come up with some sort of easily insertable graphic code that makes a little arrow that says JOKING!)
Don't you just wish you were as hot, cool and amazing as me, #1,644,723! Take that, #1,644,724!


Tom & Icy said...

I tried that and it works! Keanu Reeves asked me for a date! But I don't date boys, so I gave it up.

Lily Strange said...

Aw, dude! I think you may have broken his heart! ;-)

Raine said...

yeah me too but it wasnt Keanu, it was one of those look a likes!!!

Lily Strange said...

I ended up with an Elvis look-alike. One of the ones wearing a 400 pound fat suit. I don't think he'd changed it since his last appearance at the Vegas wedding chapel--and that was two nights ago!