Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Fruitcake Club and Potential Story Contest

Get thee hence to the Creative Crabbing blog where there is an exciting discussion about the true nature of fruitcake and a brainstorm (or brain fart) about the idea of a holiday horror story contest. At any rate, we're having more fun over there than we are here!
Don't forget, freaky stories about ghosts and the weirdos who love them make great gifts for the off-center types on your list. And I know just the person you should buy said stories from!
Click here for some samples. Or here to find out more. Guaranteed fruitcake-free, but not nut free by any means.


Raine said...

LOLOL ummm sorry no go. I cant think of of anyone I dislike enough to give a fruit cake to online or off. Well...... yes I can but I deleted their email addies :P . I would give one to someone if they would promise to eat it in front of me so I could actually see someone eat one. I dont believe real live people eat them. I have had the same theory as I read. The same few fruit cakes are circulating around and around and around. I think the stores go and pick them back up from the salvation army every year and resell them, cause the salvation army cant even get rid of them.