Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shrinking Pains?

The Fearsome Blog Blob strikes!
(Say that ten times fast--I triple dog dare ya!)
Or, as my spirit guides lovingly screamed at me: "SIMPLIFY, SHITHEAD!!!"

In the interest of de-cluttering (if not my house, at least my cyber-house) the long-dormant Movie Review Blog written under the Cheesemeister screen name has been absorbed by this blog like the Blog Blob absorbing other smaller and more helpless blogs. Since the original intent of this blog was to share stories and poems that inspired me, I'm wondering if I should also absorb the long-neglected Mythos Encyclopedia. Has the Mythos Encyclopedia starved to death or is it merely dormant? Does it still serve a purpose? I'd enjoy finding another Mythos geek or two who could help me maintain it, so I could triumphantly cry "IT'S ALIVE!!!!"
If you know anybody fitting that description, have them email, or post a comment for me here.
Thanks to everyone who's subscribed to this and any of my other blogs. I really do appreciate it. I don't really understand how Feedburner works because I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to that stuff, but I do think it's pretty cool!


Tom & Icy said...

What is feedburner? I just use Google Reader since we already belong to it with Blogger. I guess they are all about the same. It's good that you clean up some of the neglected blogs, But theme blogging is pretty handy if you make them understandable by the title. The purpose of communication is to communicate.

Raine said...

thanks for the card lily