Wednesday, August 29, 2007


When I do divinations for others, I generally use Tarot cards. I find it difficult to read for myself because I tend to read my own biases towards my situation into the results and I also tend to ignore what I see if I don't like it. It's always good to get clarification from another reader on your personal situations, and the best person is someone who doesn't know you well personally because they can be objective.
The system I use for myself much of the time is the Karma Cards system by Monte Farber. It's simple to use and difficult to misinterpret.
The reading works like this. Shuffle and draw from the Planets, Signs and Houses decks. If you want to know the outcome of a situation, read the sentences printed in blue. If you want to know what action to take, read the sentences printed in red. I look at both.
There are three sections. The S represents the spiritual, or what is best for the nurturing of your soul. The M is mental, or what is best for the nurturing of your intellect. The P is physical, or what is best for the nurturing of your body.
Here is my reading for the day.
Planets: Mercury
Signs: Taurus
Houses: First

Spiritual: Communicate your beliefs immediately
Mental: Analyze the costs of the way you protect yourself
Physical: Let your mind tell you how to use the most direct way and do it on your own.

Spiritual: The awareness of resources to maintain who you are
Mental: Many thoughts about or from the practicality of your desires
Physical: Many words resulting from the productivity of your actions

One of my issues is maintaining a sense of individuality while trying to promote this book. I don't want to exploit my partner (the ghost writer) in order to promote the book, and I am not attempting to gain notoriety. I want to share what I feel this story has to offer, not just hype it to make a quick sale. I agonize over the thin line between hype and promotion. I am not a competitive person. I have no need to try and "de-throne" Stephen King or outsell J.K. Rowling. I have no need to be the "greatest horror novelist ever." While I hope to achieve plenty of sales, to open people's minds and to get a lot of money for my cause, I don't care about people saying "Lily Strange is the greatest author ever." I'm fine with people saying "Lily Strange is a pretty good writer." And I hope they'll say "you have to read this book!"
I'm willing to hype a little bit to sell the book. But I'm not willing to lie and I'm not willing to exploit my co-author, who had a very tough life. I think that one of the reasons he befriended me is because he trusted me not to exploit him. He may look intimidating physically, and he may have tried to act tough in life but he's actually quite fragile emotionally. And while he does want to tell his story, he's been a bit uncertain about revealing himself though he knows its the only way. I certainly know how he feels! I'm a very private person in real life and exposing this (controversial) part of my personality is difficult for me.
So while self-promotion goes against my nature, it comes down to the fact that I have to do it. But I also have to stand firm about maintaining my integrity. This reading addresses that. And that's why its important to use these tools to check in with the esoteric forces.
Remember, if you want me to do a reading for you I can do a private one for $25 or I can do the reading and publish the results here, free of charge. I will not reveal your identity. Your privacy and my integrity are both of the utmost concern to me.
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Rashkha said...

It's been a long time since I last used my Tarot deck.I have Marseilles Tarot and I don't know what else Tarot.If you don't mind me asking,may I please get a reading?I really want to find out more about the things in my life I am not aware of.I can do a reading for you if you wish,hope I can get it accurate enough though.

Lily Strange said...

Yes, let's do this. Since you're a personal friend, I'll send the reading to you and you can tell me if you want any of it shared. Trading readings works too.

Rashkha said...

Thanks a lot.I will do the reading in the near future.Just tell me what do you want to know.

Raine said...

ok- how do you want to do this? you can do an online one for me here. :) Just let me know what to do

Lily said...

I'll also email you the reading first. Just email me and let me know if you want a specific question answered, or just a general reading.