Sunday, September 16, 2007

All Work and No Play

I don't have a lot of readers here yet, but I still wanted to say for the few that I do have that I had become quite depressed from being too busy. That does happen to me, being bipolar and all. I'm not sure how much I'll go into the feelings of suicide ideation or things like that.
A lot of things are changing, being rearranged. I am not one of those people that deals well with change. Even positive change is very stressful to me. I need to step back and analyze what I'm doing and what needs to be done.
I hope that what I say here will perhaps help someone, even if only to know they are not alone.


Raine said...

All stress is hard on us bi-polars. Even good stress- things that are supposed to be fun. I am totally disgusted by the fact that I cant go on a trip with my friends or go camping or do any of the things that the rest of the world finds relaxing and wonderful (even tho I do enjoy) without paying for them later with a serious problem. Plugning into depression. Its hard for those who dont experience to understand. Yes it is a good thing but it is still stress, and ANY stress sets me off.
I get it ((((Lily)))

Raine said...

are you ok? I posted here and it never came up. I sent an email and it wasnt answered. Are you ok?